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A Tip about WordPress: how not to lose that precious draft!

Last night I had a temper tantrum, because I lost the draft of the post I’ve been working on for an hour. It happens. My typing fingers accidentally clicked on some random key, and it all disappeared from the screen.

How not to lose that precious draft

In case, like me, you didn’t know it, at the top of the ‘new post’ page there’s a little tab called Screen Options.

Click it, and you’ll see several options. One of these is called ‘revisions‘.

If you click it, every time you save a draft, a link to the new version will appear below your post.

In case you have trigger fingers like me, pushing keys all over the keyboard, or change your mind, or if a black out strikes…you’ll find all the saved versions of your draft there, and with one click, you’ll be able to recuperate them!




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