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2007. “The Vanishing Act, in Reverse: John in ‘Shadow'”  and “The Beginning of the End of John’s Journey: John in ‘Devil’s Trap'”, non-fiction essays on the character of John Winchester in the TV series Supernatural in Some of Us Really Do Watch for the Plot: A Collection of Supernatural Essays, J. Wilkinson and A. Masino eds.

2011.  “There’s nowt as Queer as Folk: British and American Televisual Approaches to the Politics of Homosexuality” in American Remakes of British Television: Transformations and Mistranslations, Lexington Books

2012. ” Is there a fan in my canon? Supernatural’s representation of fans.” in Fandom and Media Politics. forthcoming

Conference papers

2001. ‘Queer as Folk Televisual Politicsat the 3rd Annual Postgraduate Conference “Flaming Intellects & Floating Acolytes”. University of Exeter.

2002. ‘Tuning Bodies In TV Series: the Straight and the Gay Male Body in Angel and Queer as Folk‘ at the “Blood, Text and Fears: Reading Around Buffy The Vampire Slayer” conference. University of East Anglia.

2004. ‘Behind Bars: the (In)visible Quality of HBO’s OZ‘ at the  “Contemporary American Quality Television: An International Conference”. Trinity College, Dublin.

Graphic and Illos

2000. ‘Bodie & Doyle’ (digital montage). Illustration for Shonen Ai, Veruska Sabucco, Castelvecchi, Rome.

2008. ‘B&W’ (digital pencil). Illustration for ‘The Flower Song’ by Rachel Caine, in Ripple Effect, N. A. Morges and T.J. Ritter eds., Tears of the Phoenix Anthology press.

2011. ‘Panel 5’. Illustration for Graphic Scotland.

2011. Logo for Illicit Ink (spoken word shows)

3 responses to “Publications

  1. I didn’t realise you are a talented artist as well as a talented writer!


  2. Thank you 🙂 I did an MA in Fine Arts, back in Italy. Life’s circumstances pushed me in other directions (read that as bad choices on my part, putting my ex partner needs above my own, but hey, I was young-ish 😉 I’m putting together a new portfolio, but it’s going sloo-ooo-ooo-ly 🙂 on the other hand, if you want any design done, a blog banner or something else, do ask! It’ll be something else I can add to new portfolio 😀


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