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Dead Things Can’t Die: A Year In The Life of A Goblin

Wonderful words from dearest friend and fellow writer Ever Dundas, author of ‘Goblin’ 🙂

blood on forgotten walls

IMG_20180516_163053431_LL[1] Goblins and Monsta I was uncertain about writing a blog post to mark a year since Goblin was launched into the world, as it felt a bit self-indulgent. But it’s been a helluva year, and I thought writing about it might help other debut writers.

Firstly, I think most writers (especially debut writers) are worried/concerned/anxious about sales, reviews, interviews and other publicity – basically whether the book will get some recognition or disappear without making so much of a ripple.

I didn’t have these worries. And it wasn’t out of arrogance – it was because I was busy being extremely anxious about something else that there just wasn’t much room for these concerns. I also didn’t feel there was much point in angsting about these things, as it’s not always in your hands to be able to do much about it – so I would deal with publicity/sales etc when…

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Lucinda Byatt: “A talk on behalf of the Society of Authors at Publishing Scotland”

Source: A talk on behalf of the Society of Authors at Publishing Scotland


Very interesting post on several points of interest to authors and translators (and illustrators), such as copyright, mentions, contracts, and more.

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Previous Editions

The Dark Arts Journal 1.1 – The Gothic Subject The Dark Arts Journal 2.1 – The Gothic and its Forms

Source: Previous Editions

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Goblin cover

Fellow writer friend Ever Dundas’ first novel is being published in May! Keep an eye out, this is a gem 🙂

blood on forgotten walls

fb_goblin_cover1 Goblin by Ever Dundas, cover design by Cinnamon Curtis

“Ian McEwan’s Atonement meets Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth
in this extraordinary debut.” – Freight Books

Creatures! I’m thrilled to unveil the beautiful Goblin cover, designed by my wonderful husband, Cinn. You can find more of his work here – feel free to get in touch with him, as he takes commissions (ranging from birthday cards to annual reports and book covers).

Goblin will be out on 18th May 2017, and you can now pre-order a copy directly from Freight (or buy it at the launch night in Edinburgh – I’ll update you on the date and venue soon). If you’d like me to appear at any events, please get in touch.

“A captivating and capricious debut that explores with a deft hand the ‘creature world’ we all carry somewhere inside. Hops neatly and with verve between contemporary Edinburgh and wartime…

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startsayingnoI’m still here, going through a massive re-assessment of work and life balance, and what’s feasible health permitting.

Also, reading and writing, as always. 🙂 Just re-orienting myself according to Captain Sparrow’s Compass 🙂


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Call for Submissions

Print Festival Scotland 2016 Call for Submissions  – Deadline May 16th Print Festival Scotland will once again be hosting events at venues across the country, celebrating the community, cultu…

Source: Call for Submissions

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Freight Books to publish debut novel ‘Goblin’

blood on forgotten walls

“Bones, doll parts, a shrew head, a camera.” – Goblin

Morning, creatures! I come bearing good news – Freight will be publishing my debut novel Goblin in 2017. I’m thrilled to be joining Team Freight (I’m pretending it’s like joining SHIELD and I’m hoping for a badge).

IMG_2401[1] Signing the contract at Jenny Brown’s office I wrote the first 20,000 words of Goblin for my Major Project at the end of the Edinburgh Napier Creative Writing MA in 2011, receiving some brilliant guidance from my tutors, Sam Kelly and David Bishop. In 2013, Book Week Scotland offered a pitch event at Looking Glass Books, so I went along (a nervous wreck!) and I pitched to agent Jenny Brown. She loved my idea and I sent her the completed manuscript in January 2015. Jenny signed me in April 2015. I did some editing work on Goblin over the summer (working with the…

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