About this blog

I’m a writer, Italian mother tongue, trained illustrator, ex translator, personal coach-in-training, film extra, reviewer (of books, films, TV series), fight arranger assistant.Oh, and I like playing video games.

I’m a member of: the Historical Novel Society; the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat; The Northmen Historical Entertainment Society.

At the moment, I’m writing my first novel “The Bluette of Their Chemise”, a story of conjoined twins in Victorian Scotland.

I’m not scattered or multitasking, I just like a number of things, usually at the intersection between human nature, art and the metaphysical.


Topics you’ll find in this blog (in no particular order):

-analysis (more or less or at all academically detailed) of films and TV series

-comments on books I’m reading

-considerations on writing and what I’m doing as a writer


-speculative fiction


-Others and Othering (everything and everyone that society deems ‘not normal’)



FIRST, NAIVE VERSION of this page, kept for record-keeping reasons.
Writer. And dreamer. More or less according to the day. Even days are weird.
I will talk about writing in general, my writing, other people's writing, past writing, future writing, writing silliness, writing genius, writing writing writing.
Creative writing, Academic writing, most importantly, writing for pleasure.
My journey to earning a living by writing: ah!ย  ... here it starts.
By the way, I'm Italian mother tongue and English is my second language. I always liked it. At some point I will expand on the pros and cons of writing in another language.

8 responses to “About this blog

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  2. Dear Silvia, I just wanted to thank you for the splendid workshop you ran at Archerfield yesterday! We all learned so much – and what an interesting, entertaining group of people. The close reading session was especially valuable with Shirley Jackson’s incredible The Lottery, and your insight into the symbolism and the clarity of purpose from the author sparked lively discussion.
    We were impressed that you took the time to chat to each one of us about our writing needs and uncertainties, giving us tips and relevant advice – and we want to know WHEN THE NEXT WORKSHOP IS, PLEASE?

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  3. Hello thanks for following my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Grazie


  4. Hey there!

    Thanks for following my Blog.

    Liked this space a lot…Keep the awesome work on…! ๐Ÿ™‚


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