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Dead Things Can’t Die: A Year In The Life of A Goblin

Wonderful words from dearest friend and fellow writer Ever Dundas, author of ‘Goblin’ 🙂

blood on forgotten walls

IMG_20180516_163053431_LL[1] Goblins and Monsta I was uncertain about writing a blog post to mark a year since Goblin was launched into the world, as it felt a bit self-indulgent. But it’s been a helluva year, and I thought writing about it might help other debut writers.

Firstly, I think most writers (especially debut writers) are worried/concerned/anxious about sales, reviews, interviews and other publicity – basically whether the book will get some recognition or disappear without making so much of a ripple.

I didn’t have these worries. And it wasn’t out of arrogance – it was because I was busy being extremely anxious about something else that there just wasn’t much room for these concerns. I also didn’t feel there was much point in angsting about these things, as it’s not always in your hands to be able to do much about it – so I would deal with publicity/sales etc when…

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