Back with a vengeance (I wish :) An interesting article on new creative interests in older age

Apologies for the long silence (again). The best plans and all that, and some deeply involving events in life.

However, I bring you a very interesting reblog:

Creativity in the Aging Brain, a guest post hosted on the Artist Road blog (a very good blog to follow, if I may advice)

I believe curiosity, as in learning a new language, how to play an instrument, how to work with clay and so on –  curiosity keeps us alive, makes our bran work in new ways. puts us in contact with new people. I see it happen in older relations, that moment when they think they have done all they had to do in life, and there’s nothing else but waiting for death. I believe in raging against it, and yes, learn new things with passion for the sake of it.

Me, I have a violin looking at me, and a Learn Chinese for Beginners waiting patiently for my older years 🙂

How about you, have you made plans?



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4 responses to “Back with a vengeance (I wish :) An interesting article on new creative interests in older age

  1. It is a lovely article isn’t it? I could not resist snapping up Arabic for Beginners in my local charity shop. Can’t decide between the piano or the guitar for my instrument. Probably the guitar as it is so much more portable. I’d also like to learn a bit of science. I suspect living in a different country might help the brain as well. Oh and perfecting the Argentine Tango of course.


    • It is 🙂 guitar, or a mandolin? Of course, the assumption I believe it’s that there’s a pension. In my case, there’s nothing (I flew from flower to flower most of my life, obviously), but perhaps if I learn Chinese I can make that work for me in my older years…which are not that far away at all, lol


  2. Duncan

    Learning harmonica. And generally running after the kids and becoming a grandparent.


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