Self publishing tools: PressBooks and ISSUU

As the market evolves, so do the tools available to writers.

Personally, for the moment I’m pursuing traditional publication. However, I do not exclude that in the future I may want to publish something independently: I see no reasons why (and I haven’t read to the contrary) not to experiment with both options.

Self publishing is not considered vanity publishing anymore (although for some still is, but equally, not all traditionally published books are golden), and it does allow for more personal experimentation, both in terms of narrative, content and marketing strategies.

I came across two interesting looking tools, both free at the basic level (of course there always premium options to pay for, if one wants more themes, formats, etc), covering most I think of the digital publication modes and platforms available:



I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I thought you may want to look into them if you’re thinking of self-publishing. They both come highly recommended (various sources, articles, etc), and seem relatively easy to use (usual procedure: register a free account, start uploading/choose your options, etc).

Once I’ve used them, I’ll write a review. If you know of similar tools/softwares, do share 🙂


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