Tools for writers

First of my weekly posts, something for writers.

1) Duotrope (a web-list of venues for submissions and competitions) apparently moved from being free to asking for paid registration (I haven’t checked it yet myself).

These guys (Diabolical Plots) are offering a substitute website, for free: a place where you can upload your submissions, keep track of acceptances and rejections, browse the available markets, etc etc. The system is still in beta, therefore expect a few glitches, but it’s worth looking into it:

The Submission Grinder

I’m going to register and see how it works 🙂

2) Two competitions here:

Made-up Words competition

The Jeffrey Archer Short Story challenge


My writing advice for the month of January:

Look at your writing projects, and make a priority list. It’s easy to get distracted, because all projects are shiny, but pick one and make it a priority, so that one will get finished. And then on to project number two on the list.


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