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How coaching can help writers

In a way, coaching is a meeting of language and narrative: the narrative of oneself via the power of language, what we say, how we say, whom we say it to. The coachee builds a narrative from pieces of structure, dialogues, characters in their life, events, makes sense out of that, the coach providing language prompts, prods, hooks, and attentive silence.

Silence like a white page, ready to be filled with words.



I can see many opportunities where coaching can be applied to writing and writer types: the constant doubts, the uncertainty, the questioning of self and others, the pressure of daily necessities interfering with putting one’s mind to a story, the scary phantom of critique and feedback especially.  Coaching can definitely help writers in their daily and professional life, but also help in the development of characters and dialogues in our narratives.

As an accredited Performance and Relational Dynamic coach (yay! I passed my test 🙂 I’m looking forward to gain more experience, progress in my training and help people (creative types and writers especially, but not exclusively) shape their goals.

If you’re interested, keep an eye on this space: in the new year, I’ll offer coaching sessions via Skype (in exchange for feedback).

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My reviews for the Historical Novel Society

Recently, I became a reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. Here are my two most recent reviews (formulated according to the guidelines of the Historical Novel Society):

A Rip in the Veil by Anna Belfrage

Through Glass Eyes by Margaret Muir

Previous reviews included:

Martha’s Girls by Arlene Hughes

(the links take you to the Historical Novel Society website)

I find historical fiction fascinating, and so varied. I do have a preference for alternative history, or very vivid narratives where as a reader I really can forget myself and experience the period I’m reading about. I also find interesting that many equals historical fictions with romance. In my experience, not necessarily, and not only.

A longer absence than expected, my apologies.

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