How difficult is a difficult book?

I’m (obviously) enamoured of books. I learned to read quite early, and I’ve never stopped. I’m never bored: there’s always a book there ready to tell me something, teach me something, explain me something, show me something, scare me, amuse me, entertain me.

I’ve read some difficult books, and some light ones, and those in the middle: all can excel in content and form, a thriller is as good as a chick lit as a contemporary post-modern novel as a sci fi dystopia, and so on.

There’s a book for every moment 🙂

I came across a Top Ten of Difficult Books (of which I’ve read three): you can read it here. 

Now I’ll have more to add to my To Read list on Goodreads: ops 🙂  Up to now, one of the most difficult books I’ve been reading, stopped reading, started reading again and again is Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace. 

Now I have more to face. And yet, isn’t it exciting, now and then, to read something that challenges you? That’s the beauty of books, you can move from world to world, according to your mood, your inclination.

What’s the most difficult book you’ve read?



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