Insights into Cormac McCarthy’s writing process

Following from yesterday’s foray into Austen’s territory, today I came across a fascinating and juicy article on McCarthy’s writing process, in the Slate Book Review.

I haven’t read all of McCarthy’s books (on my list, though), but what I read, I loved. With that love that makes you shake the book and slam it down and then pick it up again, in one furious movement, smoothing the pages and rereading that last paragraph, that last page, once again.

In general, however, as a writer, the process of writing is always fascinating: early drafts, in this case. It’s somewhat like peeking from over McCarthy’s shoulder as he writes. He probably wouldn’t have appreciated it – I know I wouldn’t!

I’m thankful that McCarthy’s notes and drafts have been preserved.

Is there any author whose personal notes and early drafts you’d love to see?

And if you’re a writer (or poet, or…), would you want your notes to be preserved?


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One response to “Insights into Cormac McCarthy’s writing process

  1. LadyCristobel

    Leaving my notes for posterity? hmm… When I feel emotional about something I put stuff in my little notebook. I think that if it’s written with emotion it might tell me something later about how I felt at the time, and then I might wonder how it might be incorporated into a proper story. But then again do I want anyone else reading the raw emotion? Not while I’m alive, thank you.

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