A very good and interesting recap of the Style vs. Content Debate at the Edinburgh World Writers Conference (during the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012), by Ever Dundas, writer of exquisite quirkiness and fellow traveler on the ‘dark and twisted fiction’ path.

blood on forgotten walls

I absolutely loved the Book Festival this year (I know, I’m writing this in October. I had deadlines, OK), and felt really involved thanks to Edinburgh City of Literature giving me the opportunity to read in the Spiegeltent for Story Shop. I was also reviewing events for The Arts Journal, discovering new authors as a result. I also particularly enjoyed Unbound, although due to other commitments I only made it along to Illicit Ink’s Magic Words.

It is, of course, the year of the Edinburgh World Writers Conference. Based on the first conference in 1962, debates took place over five days in August looking at various hot topics affecting literature today. The conference is currently on tour, and all the events are available to watch here.

The following piece largely covers the Style Vs Content debate, and is possibly maybe a little too quotetastic, but I wanted…

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