About Zombies and academics

At the Edinburgh conference “Sensualizing Deformity” (brilliant, challenging, stimulating and so, so informative that I still haven’t finished processing it), J J Cohen presented his paper Grey (A Zombie Ecology).

We all have seen how zombies have percolated in mainstream culture: films, TV series, book adaptations of classics (Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, anyone? I read the first 10 pages and had to put it down because it was atrocious. The idea, brilliant, but the execution was poor) and so on.

The reasons why are many, and need a post of their own to be (not explored, a post is not long enough) summarized, hinted at. But professor Cohen not only discusses the zombies pervasive presence with clarity and intelligence, he’s also a masterful writer.

I’ve been wrapped into the words of Grey (A Zombie Ecology) since I heard them, and I know they will inspire me in many ways. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.


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