What can technology do for stories?

I’m always fascinated by the interaction of story and technology. I remember when the first ‘chose your ending’ books appeared, how much of a novelty they were…and no, I never really particularly liked them. The writing, simply, wasn’t compelling enough. A little later, there were more books of a similar kind, where you had a wider choice, one or more for each chapter. Yes, intriguing, but again, they never grabbed my attention.

Now, with all the tools at our disposal, it looks as if the possibilities are more and better. But are they?

This article by Professor David Trotter (from The Literary Platform) explores the situation, and I agree with its take: perhaps it shouldn’t be what technology can do for stories, but what stories can do for technology. If you have any experience or ideas about interactivity – as an author, the idea is tempting – please, do share in the comments.

What can technology do for stories?.


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