How not to let Life interfere with your Plans…or not!

Long overdue update.

First of all, welcome to the new followers, and thank you for being here. It’s been months since I updated, and I’m now going to list all the reasons for it:

1) BLOGGING. Yes, I haven’t been blogging per se, but I have been reading (and thinking) about how to blog, how to entice readers, how to keep them, how to make them come back, etc etc. There are many inspirational How To blogs out there (I’ll post my list of useful blogs-links next week), mostly based on the guide concepts of copy writing, starting with the Hook and ending with the Call to Action.


Don’t these blogs all look somewhat the same? I know that ‘audience’ is a fundamental part of the writing system (am I writing for myself? in a vacuum? for specialized readers? for a niche?). But how many ‘How to do X in 5/7/10/25 points/ways/etc’ lists can I read, without losing interest? And on the other hand, I myself at times read these lists with keen interest.

Yes, a photo will raise the probability that Google may list your post. But any random photo visualizing some of the blog post doesn’t really mean much to me. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is somewhat important, but if that means uniforming one’s posts to everyone else’s…is that still useful?

And finally, the most important point of all: you may want to Blog Your Book/Book Your Blog. Especially in the American non-fiction writing market, it seems the thing to do. It makes you noticed, helps if not supports your publishing aims (whether indie or with traditional publishing).

But it takes not just skills, but TIME.

And this is where I read the most important advice of all: social networks, yes, fun, useful (many end up being writers talking to writers, though, which is great for community development, but not much for writers-readers connections development) but what counts at the end is your writing.

So, I will blog at least once a week. Something useful, something interesting, something personal, something blue. I do have an editorial plan for this blog, so I’ll finalize it and follow it. There’ll be film talk, TV talk, society pressures on us, issues of gender and sexuality, fiction, short story, novel writing, coaching for writers, reading performances. And more. 🙂

2) Back pain issues. Health is a major issues for all of us. The lucky ones (usually the younger, but not only) are fine, can eat crisps and munchies, sit for hours every day and be all springy and fresh. Among other things, I have Degenerative Discs Disease, which means I can’t really sit or walk for hours at end. Instead, I need to carefully discipline my activities, learn specific yoga exercises, pay attention to what my body says, lose a considerable amount of weight, and generally have other precautions. It takes time, and considerable energy. However, prevention is much better than the alternative: an acute back pain episode can put me in such pain I need a month recovery before I can even consider leaving the house.

So, is there a way to not let Life interfere with your Plans?

Not really 🙂

But we can adjust those plans, and be flexible about it, and make sure we check our priorities often and keep the important ones at the top of the list.

For me, right now, it’s Writing. And Yoga.
And that’s how we roll in the Shire;)

I’d love to hear from you, and exchange priorities lists, and advice on all of the above 🙂


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One response to “How not to let Life interfere with your Plans…or not!

  1. I don’t have back pain, thank goodness, but I am having some issues with my vision that have cropped up in the last month or so. I probably made it worse by long hours on the computer, so I too am having to pace myself now. It is so hard, because I am retired, and I keep thinking of all the writing I want to do and all the reading too. But if I lose my vision I won’t be able to do those things. So, I am trying to come to terms and find a balance that works. Yes, I can really relate to your situation, and the need for flexibility. And I need some optimism too. The doc says I am not going blind. I need to focus on that and move forward.
    Your post here has given me some perspective on a way to do that. Thanks! Carol


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