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Time out for Thoughts is a good thing

Hello all 🙂

A quick update, to say why I was taking time out from blogging:

1) I was busy writing an essay (fingers crossed, not finished yet, but getting there).

2) I have recurrent back pain issues (as you can see in this post) and I had to drastically limit my computer time to the essential.

3) I was overwhelmed by the MNINB April Challenge – in a good way! But I needed the time to reflect on what I’ve learned and the excellent advice received. Besides, so many great people to get to know (on blogs, Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn, GooglePlus…). A few groups have formed from the challenge, on Facebook and Goodreads, and these deserve attention, too.

4) I’ve been thinking and planning, as per the advice received in the challenge, about this blog, about myself as a writer, about how to present my content, and what this content might be (the easy and factual answer is: what I’m interested about 😀 Still, to have an editorial plan, a project to follow, is sensible.

5) I went to a workshop which was very interesting and gave me even more ideas about future research and writing possibilities.

In conclusion: taking time out to think is a good thing. It’s proactive, and sometimes it may be better to take a good long look at what you’re doing, have a ‘landscape view’ of it: look at the forest instead of the trees. I’m already seeing the benefits of this thinking time I let myself have (this blog post is one example) and there will be more 🙂

And second: challenge yourself, now and then. Like I did with taking up My Name is Not Bob April Blog Challenge, or participating in a workshop I didn’t think I was qualified enough for. A challenge brings changes and different ways of looking at things, and refreshes you.

Have you taken up any challenges recently? Done anything differently? Are you too looking at your blogging activity and feeling worried or dissatisfied with your approach? Are you planning on doing something different?  Feel free to share 🙂

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