MNINB April Platform Challenge Day 17 and 18

The back issues I mentioned in my previous entry on Sartre and Backpain are back with a vengeance – another reminder for all writers out there, and everyone spending long hours sitting: look after your back, stand up and walk regularly, exercise if you can. More on back pain causes, symptoms and treatments on this site: Back Pain Advice.

April 17: take part in a Twitter conversation

I missed the MNINB chat, although I’ve participated to other chats in the past. In part it’s a question of time zones and being asleep when the rest of the world is awake (it feels like it, sometimes).

Anyway, there’ll be other Twitter chats 🙂 I’ll check the #MNINB convo and contribute, if later.

April 18: think about SEO

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. One of those big social networks words! Most important about this task is considering what content (if any) you want to offer and how aligned your blog is to your goal. It’s the biggest question of all (and yes, you can use keywords to make your blog’s content easily found, but that’s more of a technicality).

As I said before, I’m working on an editorial plan for this blog, in order to give myself a schedule for posting and focus on the topics I’m most interested in discussing here. I’m taking my time with it, although it’ll have to be flexible by necessity, because I want to be able to stick with a schedule until the end of this year.

And just like in the social media networks of today, everything is connected (and sometimes illuminated 😉 I need to decide on content in order to find my audience in order to schedule posting in order to use the best keywords in order to be found in order to establish a connection 🙂

Are you struggling with finding your topic? Your target audience? Do you want a target audience? It does sound all very …cold and marketing-speech like.

What I want is to write about the things I’m passionate about, and communicate it to others. There. Much better 🙂


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One response to “MNINB April Platform Challenge Day 17 and 18

  1. You’ve hit my mark exactly. I do not have a clearly defined topic area for my Reading to Write blog. The others kind of define themselves. The web design blog is meant to discuss technology topics and help define them for non-techie people. Jim & April’s Roadtrips is self expanatory. Mamaw’s Homeplace has mainly been about family. It seems to be morphing into a kind of geneologic memoir. But Reading to Write has no real focus. I hoped it would force me to get back to creative writing, but that doesn’t help define an audience. I can’t choose keywords if I don’t know who I expect to be searching and what they will be looking to find. This one will require some deep thought and more time.


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