MNINB April Platform Challenge: Day 13

I’m really enjoying doing this challenge. I hope the habit of fiddling with my blog/twitter/linkedin accounts will stick!

April 13: link yesterday’s blog post to your social networks

Done already (go me) so I added two more tasks (self-inflicted, and yes, I liked homework, even when I was lazy and wouldn’t do it):

-check and use the URL shortener sites (I like )

-explore HootSuite as a way to manage my Twitter stream specifically. I’ve already learned I need to re-organize my Twitter lists, because I can visualize them side by side in the HootSuite dashboard (which is something I wanted o’so badly)

The next days will prove tough, cause the same family emergency which caused me to start this challenge late is resurfacing: but maybe my management skills have improved!

How do you deal with managing your time? It’s always such a hard thing to do for me! I would love to know how you cope (or not 😉



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3 responses to “MNINB April Platform Challenge: Day 13

  1. still working on the time management thing. I think part of my problem is too many lists. I start out with the best of intentions, but get overwhelmed. Then I just start ignoring them. I am now trying to minimize by using the sticky note method. We’ll see how it works over the next couple of weeks.


    • I fear time management is a problem never solved, only coped with. I do get overwhelmed too, often. I still like my lists, and I tend to make lists of lists, and lists of the most important things on each list. Recently, I broke it down into making a list of ‘what to do in the next hour’. That seems to be working quite nicely. For now.
      Also, I’m using a website, Remember the milk dot com, where you can jot down all that you need to do and it will send you reminders and so on. I like that too. I haven’t tried the sticky note yet.
      Mostly, I think we need to adjust, and constantly reevaluate our system, and keep it fluid. Things change around us, and fast! However, I think deciding on a couple of absolute priorities is also useful, and just juggle everything else around you the best you can.


  2. Right away I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast
    coming yet again to read additional news.


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