MNINB April Platform Challenge: Day 11

And I’m on track for this!

April 11: share a useful article or blog post with your social network.

This is not difficult at all: I like sharing stuff (and by that, no, I don’t mean personal and/or embarassing TMI moments. Although, I have to say, in person I can be quite candid and I have no problems answering personal questions; I believe in sincerity and not in secrets. Another proviso: I do believe in keeping someone else’s secrets! I’m also extremely good at it 🙂

Anyway, back to the point: sharing useful information is fun, easy to do nowadays (just a click or two). So, here I go: two blog posts for writers, and one for those interested in ‘human marvels’ (as I am).

From the website Writer Unboxed, this post about copywriting by Jane Friedman, and this one about Goodreads by Crystal Patriarche.

Both informative, and good reminders of basics (we can all get wrapped in panic and forget those basics).

The Human Marvels: this is a gorgeous site, choc-full of visuals and information.  My take on Other is that it’s not visible, it’s not Alien, it’s not Freak: Other is Within. And by reclaiming those we call freaks, we may start looking within for Otherness.

Let me know what you think about these links, I hope you may find them of use (I did) 🙂


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