MNINB April Platform Challenge Catch up! 6 to 10

Following from this previous post, here follows the rest of MNINB April Platform Challenge Catch up.

April 6: read and comment on another blog.

Done 🙂 On two blogs, in fact. I don’t comment much on blogs, tbh, mostly due to the format of blogging. On Livejournal, I can see the stream of the journals I follows (much like a Twitter stream) in one page, and there I comment regularly and frequently. I do completely understand, however, and see the fairness of it all: why should someone comment on my blog if I don’t do the same? It’s only courtesy. On the other hand, I’ve only recently properly following blogs, so I don’t yet have many I follow daily/regularly – I also ADORE the ‘follow by email’ option, which allows me to read in my inbox.

April 7: add share buttons to your blog

I’ve done this recently. At the moment, if you look at the side bar, you can follow me on Twitter, by email, pinterest…and something else, I believe. Can’t use AddThis on WordPress (WordPress doesn’t allow plugins for security reasons, fair enough), but I think if one wants to follow me, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

April 8: create a LinkedIn profile

Had one for a little while, but not doing much with it. Here it is: Sil on LinkedIn. However, I believe that’s the most complete profile I have out there (and possibly a better one than the one here on this blog)(uhm, chances for updating then 🙂

April 9: respond to at least three Tweets today

I like re-tweeting (RT) although I still have to master the art of adding my own comment to a RT (unless copy&paste is the only option, in which case, well, okay).  In any case: done 😀

April 10: do a search on your name (images, too)


my blog is the first result! And the second, third, fourth, and fifth. Three images from this blog in the first ten images results.

My name appears first with my Graphic Scotland profile (note to self: make sure profile is up to date), a couple of those annoying spam sites with as much of your data as possible, my flash fiction linked on the Creative Writing MA blog, and my old Highlander: the TV series fanfiction, more than ten years old! LOL 🙂 Image results: good, my logo for Graphic Scotland, the covers of a couple of books I contributed to.


Blog: Fourth result in the first page (and another one towards the end of the page). Images: none.

Name: some results (academic, and as in yahoo). Images: one book cover (I contributed an illustration for a short story).


Blog: third in the first page (and another one further down). Images: none (although, many gorgeous photos of ruined  and rusty machines).

Name: another one of those spam sites, and similar to Yahoo, plus a mention in the Encyclopedia of Buffy Studies. Images: book cover (I contributed an illustration for a short story).

General results: I think people can find me, if they want to. On the other hand, how embarrassing is it to google yourself? A lot!  I really have to improve on my shyness – which is not as strong in person, or at all, but definitely predominant on the net.


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