MNINB: April Platform Challenge Catch Up! 1 to 5

I have read many blogs with wise advice for building your platform. My Name Is Not Bob’s April Platform Challenge seemed like a good opportunity to just get back on the saddle and blog regularly. I’m also developing an editorial schedule for blog posts, which will start after this challenge ends. I’ll introduce my schedule in a future post, with added thoughts about blogging and platform development.

Here’s my catching up effort, all in one post to avoid spamming the world.

APRIL 1: In one sentence, who am I?

Some of the work I’ve done, publications and interests are in the ‘about me’ pages, my art, pas|time, and studies pages. It’s always hard to present oneself bi-dimensionally, ink on paper: it feels strained, forced, arrogant at best and pompous at worst. It maybe a cultural trait, but I suspect more a family one – Italians are not exactly known for being demure, are they? But, in one sentence, as the challenge requests of me:

I’m a passionate being with a penchant for monsters, aliens, strays and inventive experiments of writing and art ; I felt like a foreigner in my own country, so I moved to another, and now my feelings are (a tad more) justified: I write and draw, I could do with a part time job, and wondering what-ifs and finding answers, no matter how gory or dark or hopeless or carnally sexual, it’s the best fun I have.

(I feel I cheated, but at least it’s there:)

APRIL 2: Set some goals for yourself.

Things to look forward to, to make happen, to work for and toward: motivation begets production begets results…

Short-term goals:

-complete the April Platform Challenge

-finish the second draft of my novel by the end of May

-revise short fictions by the end of June

-write new material according to plan (ongoing)

-edit and revise novel by July

-plan second novel by September

-refine planned trilogy of alt historical novels By December

Long-term goals:

-find a part time job complementing my writing activity

-take care of my back issues (involves exercising and losing weight and perhaps surgery)

-publish my novel/s

-age with grace

(Too much and too vague, perhaps, but I’ll come back to this list and refine it, make it more detailed/specific)


APRIL 3: Create a profile on Facebook

This is somewhat tricky. I do have a Facebook profile but I consider it personal, and my friends there are people I’m friends with in Real Life, not necessarily writers or even interested in narrative at all. Since I moved away from Italy, I also use it to keep in touch with my family, and the friends I left behind. In a way, this particular Facebook profile is the one where I would post the contents of my breakfast, and I believe very few potential readers of this blog would be interested in that sort of information 🙂 I suppose this means I need an official page. With my full name and all. I remember when we had no internet, and the first acute paranoia of having your name out there in the WWW is still very strong within me: once something is net-published, it stays net-published.

I shall consider creating an official profile page. In fact, I have created one, but I’m still hiding it. Shyness is not conducive to writers, is it? 🙂 In future posts, I shall reveal it, when I can overcome the sense of exposure.

APRIL 4: create a Twitter account

This is easy. You can see my latest Tweets on the side bar of this blog, and there’s one of those nifty little buttons people can use to follow me there. My handle is not, however, my byline. Again, a flaw of mine, I suppose, but I also created my Twitter account a few years ago, when my dreams of writing as a profession were just that (I made life changing decisions, and I’m so happy about that). My name is, however, Silvia, so @Sil_ontwit is not that far away.


APRIL 5: create a blog

This one, this one! I wrote in a previous post some of my thoughts around blogs, journals and online presence in general. Not everyone is a fast writer (and yes, I write in a second language, which is my own choice, but still at times presents its own challenges) and I’d rather write my narratives than spend time on Social Media.

However, the blog is here: I chose the title not thinking about my by-line, once again failing at putting myself out there as I should. On the other hand, my full name, email, twitter and blog address are on my business cards: people I meet in person do know how to find me. At some point I may change this blog’s name with my byline, or add it somewhere. If you’d like to know how I chose the name Dead Machinery, read this post.


This is Part 1  of my April Platform Challenge Catch up! 5 to 10 in following post.



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