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Resurfacing, once again

I’m re-organising myself, once again.

Flexibility is most precious, but I’m a creature of habit, and every new turn in the road requires some adjustments and getting used to on my part.

I’m writing my first novel. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to share bits of it on this blog, the research, the problems, the solutions, the long steep haul to see it finished. I’m also approaching a field which is somewhat new to me: historical fiction. I never thought I would write an historical novel, and yet, I realize many of my favourite books are in the genre of historical fiction. Of course, there are subgenres, nuances, niches. I will explore them and post here my thoughts on the subject.

Gothic themes and deformity and diversity are all themes I will write about. I’ll post here any interesting consideration or event, and will be happy to discuss it. In particular, one fantastic event I’m already looking forward  (to which I intend to submit an abstract as well):

There is just too much in our (Western) society that is normalized: body shape first and foremost, and how we are supposed to react/interact with it (our own and others), shape it, ignore it, glamourize it.
If you’re interested in this conference, I’d like to talk about it! Do get in touch, now that I’ve taken a pause, I’m ready to dive in the blogosphere and be chattier than in the past. (my apologies).


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