Life after the Ma, in brief

Other things to tell:

-submitted my Ma final piece of writing, waiting for results

-my laptop the Zar gave up on me, and here I am, Cyborg, lost without it (yes, I can borrow a friend’s, or go to a library, but it’s not the same)

-made plans and projects and they’ll find their way here eventually

-the Edinburgh Book Festival is amazing

But, right now, I’m doing this: NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Competition 2001

Official twitter is here: #nycmidnight

1000 words short story on a given genre/location/object in 48 hours…ready, steady, GO!



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3 responses to “Life after the Ma, in brief

  1. Good Luck with the flash fiction! Are you coming to the LIterary Death Match on Monday night at the Spiegeltent? I’m definitely going.


  2. Thanks!
    Uh, didn’t know about it, but it sounds interesting! I’ll do my best and be there 🙂


  3. Lisa

    Using a friend’s or the library’s laptop can a helpful short-term but things will never be the same again without your own laptop. Hope you get it fixed real soon. Good luck with the short story(which you’ve probably already finished by now). So I’ll just say, I hope it went well 😉


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