The little voice in my head

Do you listen to the voices in your head? I confess, I do. They have given me the best advice most of the times, and then I went ahead and acted sensibly and things turned out, well, differently.

Now, the little voice in my head is whispering: “Why don’t you switch the set up to a Steampunk-ish sort of setting? Do it, do it, you know you want to…”

So insidious. So sweet a voice! It’s something I do need to think about, though, because, well. I never thought I would write something not-scifi set (or dystopic, or au, etc). And yet here I am, dealing with Victorians.

There’s a chance my little voice is wording my fears about historical plausibility (since historical I don’t mean or planned it to be anyway).

For the moment, I’ll throw chocolate at my little voice (it does keep her quiet) 🙂


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