RELOAD: blogs; journals; writing time

I thought long and hard about my issues with writing in this blog.  In theory, there shouldn’t have been any: I can ramble on for hours on all sorts of topics (yes, I’m opinionated). I’ve had a Livejournal since 2003, where I’ve been posting my thoughts, my fanfiction (yes, I do write it, less now than before, but I hope/wish to find time to keep on writing it), my reviews of books and films. What’s another blog, then?

The difference is not just in the name  – although blog smacks of achievement and masculinity, whereas journal evokes intimate sharing… and sometimes this cliche’ is true, and sometimes it really, really isn’t. There’s a software/user interface difference, too: the way in which people can comment in Livejournal entries is a lot more interactive than the comments left on blogs. There’s the fact that on LJ I’m part (more or less active) of a vast community (media fandom) with a rich subset of other communities flowing and overlapping (from academic interest to digital editing to writing). Here on this blog, I confess to feeling isolated, unsure of the scope of this writing.

In part, it’s simply a time consuming activity. Apparently, writers today need to create an online presence for themselves to compete in the increasingly ferocious publishing market (if you detect bitterness, yes, multiply it by ten).

I have a Facebook account to keep in touch with friends and fellow writers in my course (and some of my friends don’t live in the same country as me, so it’s useful).

I have a Twitter account to keep in touch with other interests (I’m trying to keep it focused on the writing world, but a few friends and some fun have sneaked in as well) and hey, for the novelty of it.

And  as mentioned, I have a LiveJournal, which I’ve severely neglected, and the friends in that virtual community have been there for me (and hopefully I’ve been there for them) for the past ten years of my life: exchanging ideas, supporting each other, encouraging creativity, learning to comment and criticize and read between the lines.

I have a family, a partner, and friends who do live here, and I like to see them now and then.

In conclusion, initially I resented this blog, I considered it as one more intrusion, one more chore. But there’s a happy ending: like in most business ventures, diversification is the key to prosperity. I started a journey, me as a writer, and I will keep this blog focused on this journey. Not in a tracking-after way, but in a leaping forward and ranting and whining and furiously writing Me-As-Writer way.



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2 responses to “RELOAD: blogs; journals; writing time

  1. And blogs can be entertaining and a good way to offload any extraneous literary ponderings. Looking forward to more.


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