Link and word count

Another somewhat boring update with little fascinating content, but numbers. And although quantity quality does not make, yet without quantity there’s no refining, perfectioning, and yes, let’s say it, brutal editing 🙂

Apart from one day (yesterday), the ‘write first’ rule is still working beautifully. I can feel the tentacles of procrastination slipping into the nook and crannies, though. I will beat them away and drown them in coffee!

Finished one short story (letting it stew before editing).

Started a new one, 1200ish words of sci-fi erotica (don’t ask:)

Submitted a short story! See Panic Bouncing Commencing.

Back brain busy pondering a collaborative literary essay and more plotting of the Master story.I don’t think my plotting follows sensible plotting ways, but as long as it works at the end, all it’s good. Fingers crossed.

I have a couple of quotes from books I’m reading which I will post asap.

Oh, and this author-made  booktrailer to said author’s story caught my attention:

I think it’s fascinating, both the way in which the CC and copyrights disclaimers are almost as long as the trailer proper, and just the way in which the research for the book’s background is visually brought forward. I started thinking of what I could do visually in a similar way for my Master story* and the answer in my head made me see …a number of things.

*I just realised I keep calling it Master story, but it has nothing to do with BDSM, Master and Slave, or some such (not yet anyway!) It’s just my way to refer to it.


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