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I Write Like…

According to  I Write Like, in my slowly growing mentoring project I write like Dickens, J.K. Rawlings, Oscar Wilde and Stephen King.

All at the same time.

I see.

The Internet is the source of all procrastination.

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I’m in Rome for a while, dealing with personal/family matters. Hopefully there will be some writing at some point.

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I finished reading Cloud Atlas.

Alas, all good things must end (who said that, by the way? I keep protesting.  No reason why good things must end: once you eat the last slice of the cake, you can make or buy another one. Can buy the ingredients, can save to buy them. All to say, your intent and persistence can make good things last.)

I am not head over heels with it anymore, sadly.

Oh, I think it’s brilliant in many ways, cleverly thought out and skillfully built, as explicitly mentioned in the book, Matrioska-style. I love the expression ‘an atlas of cloud’, love the crescendo of the whole structure, the historical progression, the way in which each story is linked to the next, the mastery of language and narrative voices, the moral of the story…but once it reaches the climax, the going back feels more like being shown the secrets behind a magic show, like clever editing of several stories into one another (but we know already where it’s going).  It is, somewhat, anticlimatic.

On to the next read.

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Me 1 – Life 349275992

Deadline for academic chapter (on American remake of British series Queer as Folk)  met, now waiting for editors to comment.

Lots of other writing to do, and Real Life keeps interrupting.

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