Just read and re-read

Finished re-reading We need to talk about Kevin, by Lionel Shriver.

It’s one of those books I picked up by chance, and read two more times in a row after the first time. This was my third reading. The emotional impact of the book is such (on me) that I still find problematic its analysis. If ever I felt LOSS pouring out of written pages, this is the book doing that to me. Bittersweet read, but I keep finding nuances I missed on the previous reading. It’s written in epistolary form, making me better appreciate the possibilities in the form. Quite strangely, I suppose, it’s a comforting read for me. Given the subject matter, I don’t think it should. It’s either an achievement of the book, or a failure in me. Here’s to reading it again next time I feel the need for it.

Finished reading Pavel and I by Dan Vileta.

I want to read it again at some point. The choice of structure, background and outside narrator are extremely functional and the whole architecture smoothly created, although I found it somewhat slow pacing in parts. I have the feeling a re-reading may be more stimulating.

Also finished reading The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy.

It does take you away with it into a hard land, other times, and strange tales. It does that. At some point I also sort of browsed through quickly a number of pages on the aims of God, and the reasons of life, and other more or less philosophical passages. There are a number in the book, and some work better than others. Quite a sad read. But also extremely poetic. Sometimes the way in which we read a book is dictated by the mood we are in. Quite obvious, of course, but also worth remembering it. I suspect I will read more by McCarthy.


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